‘We’ll Take Down This Bad Government And Return To Lead The Country’, Says Former Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

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In a significant development, Israel's longest-serving prime minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted from power and replaced by 49-years-old Naftali Bennett who is a former technology millionaire.

Interestingly, the historical vote held in the Israeli parliament, called the Knesset, yesterday (13 June) ended in a razor-thin outcome of 60 to 59 vote of confidence in a combination of left-wing, centrist, right-wing, and Arab parties with little in common except a desire to oust Netanyahu.

Shortly before his defeat at the Knesset, Netanyahu had said that "if it's our destiny to be in the opposition, we'll do so with our heads high until we take down this bad Government and return to lead the country our way."

It should be noted that Bennett has previously served the State of Israel in the capacity of Defence Minister in a previous government led by Netanyahu himself.

The forming of the new coalition government has ended a political crisis in Israeli, that has seen four elections in two years.

Interestingly, Bennett will remain the PM of Israel for a span of two years, after which he is supposed to make way for his foreign minister during this course, Yair Lapid, who also led the formation of the opposition alliance aimed at ousting Netanyahu.

TV footages of the parliament session showed Bennett and Lapid taking their new seats at the coalition seats in the parliament, while Netanyahu, Israel's longest-serving leader, moved to the back seats of the opposition.

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