You’ll be Able to Rent-n-Ride the India-Made Electric Bike Lucat

The Auto Expo 2018 might have been a dry affair this year, with quite a few brands skipping the event, but that has given way to up and coming Indian startups to showcase what they’ve got.

One such firm was Menza Motors which brought its electric bike, Lucat, to the event, catching everyone’s eye with its concept and planning.

But more importantly, this wasn’t just another concept bike that gets paraded under the spotlight for a while and then vanishes. Menza Motors actually announced the product, which will be available for booking shortly, with a price tag of Rs 2,79,999.

This electric bike offers 60NM torque, fitted with a DC motor and offering a claimed top-speed of 120 kmph. But more than its power figures, what intrigued us is their model to encourage and educate Indians about the use of electric two-wheelers.

Menza Lucat is priced at Rs 2.79 lakh. 

For starters, we already know they don’t make any noise (lack of engine after all) and the whole initiation of charging yet another thing in our lives. Which is why Menza Motors is open to the idea of leasing out the bike for short periods, and even rent out batteries for other purposes.

The design of Lucat has borne out of its assembled parts. 

Menza claims Lucat is a factory-customised motorcycle, which is built as per the rider’s requirement and his riding style. This includes body-type, suspension, seat, height and footrest even. The company’s customisation also makes tall claims of offering nappa leather seats on the Lucat and Pirelli Diablo Rosso tubeless tyres to boot.

Buyers can customise the design of the bike as per their choice. 

When further quizzed about the ‘ rent the bike’ part, Rahul Gonsalves, founder and CEO of Menza Motors, said that until dealers are put in place, they won’t be able to share more details about it.

Lucat’s performance will be monitored by a technical team at Menza. 

The bike will be available for booking, which can be done via Paytm by paying Rs 10,000, after which the person will get a chance to test the bike, and if he/she is not impressed with they’re buying, the booking money would be returned, Gonsalves said.

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