‘Living Mummy’ Was Never Attacked by Bear and Kept in Den, Doctor Reveals the Truth Behind Fake Viral Video

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Last week, a video surfaced online, showing an emaciated man, who was claimed to have been attacked by a bear in Russia’s Tuva region. Many International news portals reported the incident citing “eye-witnesses.” Even we fall under the pray of this viral video, appearing on all the headlines. But, the footage that contains graphic content is fake. Dubbed as “Living Mummy,” the man was never attacked by a bear and kept in the Den and he is not anywhere from Russia. After the patient’s pictures surfaced online, his doctor stepped in to stop the ruckus and reveal the truth behind the poor health condition of the man.

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Local journalists reported the man, only identified as Alexander, to be found by Russian hunters at the mountains of Tuva region. It is still unclear as to where the details came from, the Daily Mail quoted the man stating, that he drank his urine to keep himself hydrated and alive, after being stored away by a brown bear. With the help of a thorough investigation, it was revealed that in the video, the man was speaking ‘Kazakh’ and not the local Tuva region’s language, that earlier was speculated. Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of This Chronic Inflammatory Skin Disease, Psoriasis. 

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A chief doctor, Dr Rustam Isaev, from the Aktobe Medical Centre in Kazakhstan confirmed media outlets that the man was his patient and the 41-year-old was never attacked by a bear. He is suffering from chronic psoriasis and other complications.

“Alexander P is a resident of Aktobe city in Kazakhstan. He was treated in our hospital and at the end of this week was discharged, in satisfactory condition, into his mother's care. He suffers from psoriasis. He had been lying at home, suffering from apathy, he did not want to live. He was in a depressive state,” Dr Rustam Isaev was quoted in the Daily Mail report.

Dr Isaev further informed that he has initiated an enquiry to find out who has clicked and leaked the video, while he was under medical attention at the hospital. It is still not clear who or what were the driving forces behind the attempts to plant this story.