Lives Saved After Delhi Hospital Runs French Oxygen Concentrator Within 18 Hours of its Landing in India

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After days of battling an acute oxygen crisis, Delhi took a breather after the oxygen concentrator sent by France was made functional within 18 hours of its landing in India.

For days the national capital had been inconvenienced due to the unavailability of medical oxygen. Like other hospitals, Narayana Super Specialty Hospital in East Delhi was also coping with the limited oxygen supply.

It is then that the hospital received an email from the French embassy offering to donate an oxygen concentrator as a response to India Covid needs. The mail read that it wants to send one to Narayana Healthcare, the private hospital chain that runs the hospital for their Bangalore facility.

Upon receiving the mail, the Delhi Narayana hospital wrote back requesting them to send the concentrator to Delhi instead as the oxygen shortage had caused innumerable deaths in the capital, TOI reported.

Conceding to the hospital’s request, the generator was dispatched within a day which arrived in Delhi in the wee hours of Sunday morning. While the concentrator was being handed over, the chairman of Narayana Health, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty made sure that the site for the installation of the concentrator was ready by the hospital team.

Talking to TOI, regional director of Narayana Health, Commander Navneet Bali said that after its installation on Sunday the concentrator was up and running within 18 hours of its landing in India and 12 hours of reaching the Narayana facility.

“The generator donated by the French government can fill 48 cylinders weighing 40 litres to 60 litres each in 24 hours. With this place, we can now think of adding more oxygen beds,” the chairman added.

Dr. Shetty noted that the hospital requires 13 lakh litres of oxygen daily, the demand of which was being met by two existing concentrators in the hospital, however for extra requiring they had to solely depend on external suppliers.

However with the arrival of the new oxygen plant, the hospital will now be able to meet all their needs and help save and sustain more lives on a daily basis, said Dr. Shetty while expressing his gratitude.

Notably, apart from Narayana, many other public and private hospitals like BLK Super Specialty have also been sent an oxygen concentrator by the French government.

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced free ration for all ration cardholders for a period of 2 months. “We have decided that all ration card holders in Delhi, around 72 lakhs in number, will be given free ration for the next 2 months. It doesn’t mean that the lockdown will continue for 2 months. It is just being done to help the poor going through financial issues,” Kejriwal said in a presser.

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