Liverpool squad aren't nervous about Premier League return, says Robertson

Andy Robertson says there are no nerves in Liverpool’s squad about returning to the pitch as the Premier League moves closer to a restart.

On Wednesday, all 20 Premier League clubs unanimously voted to return to contact training in groups, with a return to match action hoped for in June.

The same day, it was announced that four individuals at three clubs were positive for Covid-19 out of the 1,008 tests carried out in the latest round of testing.

Robertson says he can understand why players might be anxious about playing during the coronavirus crisis, but he believes the club have done a fine job of ensuring players’ safety.

“All the Premier League protocols that they have set out that the clubs have to adhere to, they have been second to none,” Robertson told Sky Sports.

“The staff in here have been different class and have made it a safe environment for us to come into.

“For me, when people’s normal jobs start going back to normal and people are getting told to go back to work, then for us, I don’t think there’s a safer place where we can be.

“We’re following everything, the doctors are staying on top of everything.

“I can understand people being a wee bit nervous but the people in our squad who were nervous about it at the start, I don’t think they are now.

“We have been training for 10 days now and they can see how safe we are being, no stone is being left unturned.”

Liverpool are, of course, on the brink of their first English title of the Premier League era, sat 25 points clear of Manchester City.

Watford’s Troy Deeney has claimed Liverpool’s title will be tainted when it comes, but Robertson simply wants to get back on the pitch and finish the job.

“We will hopefully get playing back soon because we have done really well so far,” he said.

“Everyone is keeping to the rules and keeping to everything that we need to do, and then hopefully we can get football back on the telly.

“It’s not the same without fans but it’s something that we need to get used to just now and then hopefully the fans can come back sooner rather than later.”