Liverpool's Lovren fears kidnap plot after burglary in Croatia

The Liverpool defender says he was targeted by robbers during a holiday in Croatia, reports The Sun

Dejan Lovren has claimed thieves gassed him while he slept in his native Croatia.

According to a report from The Sun newspaper Lovren was renting a holiday home in Zagreb when he was targeted, with jewellery and money stolen.

Lovren believes he was unable to respond to the robbery because the perpetrators placed some kind of chemical over him.

“Yes, I was robbed,” he is quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“They have stolen everything from me. I heard absolutely nothing. It is as if they had put something in my apartment for me to fall asleep.

“They could have kidnapped my kids, and I wouldn’t have noticed at all.

“This is a tough period of my life. I am afraid they might kidnap my kids.

“It was my son’s birthday on the day and all this is going on.

“I’ve spent a lot of money for removing all the pictures of my kids from the internet. I don’t know what would have happened had I been woken and found burglars.”

Lovren has played in seven games for Liverpool this season.