Have to live in harmony with fellow humans and nature in 'corona times': VP

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New Delhi, May 18 (PTI) Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday said people will have to learn to live with the novel coronavirus and called for adopting new ways of life based on the lessons learnt from the pandemic.

A day after the coronavirus lockdown was extended till May 31, Naidu, in a Facebook post, underlined the need to give up stress and anxiety in 'corona times'.

Life cannot be lived in isolation, Naidu said, 'and the virus outbreak highlighted the inter-connectedness of lives.' 'What affects one person anywhere affects everyone everywhere, be it the disease or economy,' he said.

Referring to the life 'before corona', the vice president said people became loner in their quest for happiness and material advancements.

They reduced the family and the society to being mere adjuncts and their confidence, bordering on arrogance, made them believe that they can live alone and all by themselves, unmindful of the lives of others, he said.

On the life 'after corona', he noted that it has shaken the fundamentals of living by oneself and highlighted the need for living in harmony with nature and fellow humans.

The vice president observed that “the invisible microbe once again proved that life can change very quick. It brought into full play the uncertainty that can co-sail with life”.

Naidu felt that the pandemic raised questions about the meaning and purpose of life including the nature of relationships with fellow beings and moral issues connected with the current pathways of development.

“The virus has highlighted the consequences of economic fault lines in societies ... Uncertainty continues to haunt the people. Uncertainty is the known source of anxiety which can lead to psychological issues,' he said.

Naidu said the best way to deal with the situation is to stay calm and be confident. PTI NAB TIR TIR