Live Blog | PV Sindhu Wins India Open Super Series

PV Sindhu will be looking to win her third Super Series title of the season.

PV Sindhu needs just the second of her 5 match points to seal the final win. Marin once again with an unforced error.

21-19, 21-16 to PV Sindhu, the 2017 India Open Champion. Her first India Open title.

A rare error from the Indian ace and the bird gets stuck in the net. Marin has a point.

Marin returns a body-smash well but Sindhu has more in her arsenal. One power-packed shot and Marin is left just looking on her right.

PV Sindhu covering the court with immense ease in the final here, Marin once again left wanting on her right.

A break in the second game and PV Sindhu has the lead, courtesy four straight points.


Marin in netting quite a few into the net and this rally had the same outcome. Tried a backhanded return and landed the bird into the net.

6-3 to Sindhu

21-19 and PV Sindhu has won the first game of the India Open final.

Another long rally heading into the winner and Marin finally lost control of the bird and returned it wide. Very wide.

Marin has managed to claw her way right back to get things level. A strong shot to Sindhu’s left and the Indian stretches but just nudges it out. Point to Marin.

A little netplay between the two players and Marin comes out on top. Hits a return long, but has enough control to ensure it doesn't go out.


Marin may have clawed her way into the game but Sindhu has ensured she keeps the lead the the first break. Only just. Marin did win the final two points heading in.

A long long rally between the two and Marin is having to fetch Sindhu’s shots. She ultimately sends a return straight into the net.

Needless to say, “the crowd goes wild”

If Sindhu raced to an early lead in the match, Carolina Marin seems to be finding her rhythm now.

A mishit from the Indian for her fourth point in the game and then a strong smash to Sindhu’s right.

7-5 to Sindhu

A cross-court smash and Sindhu takes an early lead in the final. 5-2.

A big Olympic final between the two aces of women’s badminton, is not a memory many Sindhu fans will forget easy. At the India Open in Delhi today, the 10th edition of their rivalry gets underway in just a short while.

Out of the 9 matches the two have played, Sindhu has won 4. The last match between the two, at the Dubai World Superseries Final in December 2016, was won by the Indian.

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