Little Things That Will Make You Happy, And No, It’s Not Sex!

Prerna Aditi

There are various things that can bring a smile on our face. It could be getting a tight hug from our bae (best friend ever) or having a warm cuddle. People say a key to a happy life is working with a reputed company that gives you a hefty pay, buying a house, a car, while for others, it can be their pet that makes them happy or simply a scoop of ice-cream.

But, there are also infinite other things that can make you happy in a jiffy and no, sex is not one of them.

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1. Fresh Morning Breeze Embracing Your Body

How great does it feel when one morning you stand in your balcony and feel the cool morning breeze on your face? That is indeed one of the best ways to start your day. Nature is always therapeutic and therefore, you feel energetic and it also fills your mind, body and soul with freshness.

2. Finding A Hundred Rupee Note In The Pocket Of Your Old Jeans

Have you ever took out your old pair of jeans and found a hundred rupees note in its pocket? Isn't that a moment of happiness? It can be a little surprise and yet big enough to lit your face. This feeling is no less than a heaven.

3. Radio Playing One Of Your Favourite Songs

What could be better than randomly hearing your favourite song on the radio? Even if you are upset over something, this will give you a reason to smile. There is a high chance that you will feel happy as well and forget your worries.

4. Traffic Signal Turning Green

Suppose, you are heading somewhere and you are worried about the traffic. But as soon as you reach a crossing, you find, instead of waiting, the traffic signal turns green. Won't this make you be happy? Certainly, it will. It is a blessing actually if you are already late for your appointments or events.

5. Waking Up And Realising That You Can Still Sleep For More Hours

Most of us set an alarm before going to bed. Let us modify this line. Most of us set a series of alarms while going to bed and yet we fail to wake up on time.

You might end up in snoozing the alarm and going back to sleep. Isn't it? But, when you wake up early from sleep and realise there is still there enough time to get ready and start your day. You can then go back to sleep. This is the best feeling ever.

Also, when you wake up before the alarm clock can disrupt your sound sleep, it feels like an achievement.

6. The Earthy Smell When Rain First Hits The Ground

Petrichor, for people who don't know, it is the earthy smell produced when the rain falls on dry soil. In a time, where we use filters on our pics, something real and close to nature soothes our mind and makes us happy.

7. Getting Discount On The Dress You Were Dying To Buy

Everything feels great when the dress you have been secretly planning to buy comes with a good discount. Though you could be saving for the dress, as soon as you notice the discount, your happiness knows no limit. What's next? You become the proud owner of the dress.

8. Finding An Old Childhood Photograph

You have your moment of happiness when you are cleaning your shelf and suddenly you come across one of your old photographs. You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling as it will revive so many good old memories.

9. When A Random Baby Smiles At You

Babies know the magic spell to make anyone smile. Their very presence is enough to make anyone happy. It feels really great when you are at a public place and just like that you see a kid smiling at you. There is no substitute for a smile that is innocent. As it will automatically make you smile without a reason.

10. Snuggling Into A Sun-dried Blanket In Winter

When you snuggle into a blanket, you have just laundered and sun-dried, you get a feeling of immense comfort that can never be described in words. You feel like staying in the blanket for the whole day as it makes you feel cosy and warm at the same time.

11. Finding A Window Seat In A Public Bus Or A Metro

This never gets old and in India people can really kill for a window seat. Yes, it is that precious to us. With increasing population, no doubt public transports such as buses and metro are overcrowded, and you might almost feel suffocated if you are travelling on a daily basis. You might be standing in a corner with your headphones playing your songs and then when you spot a window seat, your heart almost skips a beat. Even a boring journey becomes interesting all of a sudden.

12. Remembering All The Answers In The Test

Though class tests and exams are no less than a horror show, it can really make students happy when they remember all their answers in the exams.

As soon as you see the question paper and realise you know the answer to all the questions, your happiness becomes limitless.

13. The Smell Of A New Book

Bibliophiles, people who love reading books have so many reasons for loving books. One of the reason could be the smell of the pages of a new book. There are many people who love this smell, even though they do not love to read books.

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Though happiness is what you feel inside and doesn't depend on the external factors, it is beautiful how certain incidents, situations can bring a smile to our face.

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