‘Little Big Shots: Forever Young’ First Look: Gramma and Ginga Are Cussin’ Champs

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Sibling rivalry never gets old — even when you’re 100. Sisters Gramma (103 years old) and Ginga (98) are from Clarksburg, W.V., and have become YouTube stars, thanks to their hilarious videos that show them bickering over caramels, church, parking — you name it.

And in this sneak peek from Little Big Shots: Forever Young, the sisters’ feisty attitudes don’t dim for a second, even on national television. “We fight all the time!” Ginga (real name: Arlene Cody Bashnett) tells host Steve Harvey, adding that her sister Gramma (real name: Genevieve Musci) “always gives me hell.”

And that’s when the segment gets slightly NSFW. “You know what I tell her?” continues Ginga. “I say, ‘Kiss my ass!’”

Harvey just gapes and throws his hands up in delight. The host says he can’t wait to reach his 90s: “I want to openly and freely cuss!” The sisters’ loving but fractious relationship also translates to their phone conversations — as a cranky Gramma explains to Harvey. Check out the video above for her full rant. And for more Gramma and Ginga, visit their Facebook page.

Little Big Shots: Forever Young airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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