A list of most expensive fruits in the world

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Fruits come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and tastes. However, some of them are rare and expensive compared to the rest. Here’s a list of the top 7 most expensive fruits in the world.

Yubari King Melon – $21,000 to $45,000

Yubari melon tops this list with a price between $21,000 to $45,000. The fruit is grown in special greenhouses of Hokkaido, Japan. Unlike other fruits, this sweet ecstasy is sold exclusively in auctions and generally gifted on special occasions.

Ruby Roman Grapes – $8,400

The name and $8,400 price tag are not the only special thing about these grapes. Ruby Romans need to have exactly 18 percent sugar and weigh 20g each. They may look like ping pong balls but, these juicy grapes are one of the rarest fruits. They are also exclusively sold in the auctions.

Densuke Watermelon – $6,100

Densuke watermelons are another specialty from Hokkaido. These 11kg watermelons cost $6,100. They have a unique and unmatched taste. Additionally, only a hundred of them are sold at a time. So, prepare yourself for a battle royale at the Sembikiya flagship store!

Northern Territory Mangoes – $4,100

This list would be incomplete without the appearance of the king of fruits. A single fruit costs over $4,100 and, there’s a good reason. They are gigantic and taste fantastic. These mangoes grow in the humid region of Australia’s northern territory.

Taiyo no Tomago Mangoes – $3000

Taiyo no Tomago translates to the egg of the sun. These purple-colored mangoes are crafted by Japanese farmers and cost $3000. They are extremely difficult to grow. They are only grown in Miyazaki, Japan. Additionally, farmers can only grow them indoors with a special net bag in place. This bag allows the fruits to get maximum sunlight and grow properly.

Pineapples from the lost gardens of Heligan – $1500

These Pineapples come from the lost gardens of Heligan. The price of each Pineapples is $1500. They take almost two years to grow, weigh about 13kg and measure close to six inches. Additionally, farmers grow them in a special temperature-controlled victorian culture farming. It adds to its unique taste. Moreover, it comes with royal approval! Prince Charles gifted the fruit to Queen Elizabeth II on their 50th anniversary.

Square Watermelon – $800

Another watermelon makes this list and, there’s a very good reason for this. Each of these square-shaped fruits is $800. Square-shaped fruits are an absolute rarity but, Japan makes it possible. These juicy fruits, shaped into squares using artificial molding.

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