Liquor mafia murders police in Kasganj; recreation of events on crime scene

A very gruesome murder took place in Kasganj. An attack took place on the police party in Kasganj where a senior police constable was murdered and some other sub-inspectors sustained serious injury. The investigation team is reconstructing the crime scene and the events that happened there to piece together evidence to understand the sequence of events that led to the murder.
Kasganj village is around 45 kilometres from the Police headquarters. The sub inspector Ashok Kumar along with a constable had gone to the village of Motiram Shakya. Motiram Shakya has various criminal cases filed against him, reportedly when the police officers were nearing his place they were abducted and later beat with sticks and stones which led to the death of the police constable.
This serves as a grim reminder for when Vikas Dubey's gang had attacked a police party along a year back.