Liquid cocaine from Brazil being smuggled in Delhi via condoms

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Liquid cocaine from Brazil being smuggled in Delhi via condoms

International smugglers are now trying to crack the Capital's drug market with liquid cocaine. And they are using condoms to ensure extra protection for the illicit cargo.

International smugglers are now trying to crack the Capitals drug market with liquid cocaine.

And they are using condoms to ensure extra protection for the illicit cargo.

Sources told Mail Today on Wednesday that South American drug cartels have roped in African syndicates to pump liquid cocaine into the bloodstream of Delhis party circuit.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has busted one such network with the arrest of two Brazilians and a Nigerian national along with the seizure of 2.65 litre of liquid cocaine.

Officers from the agency said the fluid form of the drug is helping smugglers avoid detection as they pass through airport customs.

But it poses a risk to the carriers who swallow the packages with significant chances of the condoms or wraps bursting.

Once the consignment reaches the receiver, the person vapourises the water to convert the drug into powder form, said an officer from NCBs Delhi zone, on condition of anonymity.

Drug cartel and narco-terrorist operations have rapidly expanded in the region in the past eight years.

According to Madho Singh, zonal director of the bureau, intelligence was received about two foreigners carrying cocaine who would be staying at a guesthouse in Paharganj.

Continuous surveillance was kept in the area and the two suspects were identified. Four tin containers were found in the baggage, he added.

The samples inside tested positive for cocaine.

Both suspects were interrogated and they disclosed that the contraband was given to them by a Brazilian man in Sao Paulo and the drugs were supposed to be handed over to a Nigerian national in Delhi.

Based on their information, the receiver was also arrested who claimed that the consignment was for consumption in Delhi, an officer said.

Speaking to Mail Today, security personnel at the citys international airport said the narco-terrorists have developed more creative ways to sneak in drugs past security checks.

The trend of liquid cocaine originated in South America and now they are smuggling this to India, an officer said.

NCB sleuths say South American drug syndicates are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to lure students, mostly girls, and then use them as mules. Sources in the bureau claimed liquid cocaine is deadlier than the powder form.

The risk of death is very high. To make cocaine from coca leaves, drug cartels use ethanol, acetone, gasoline, ether, chloroform, sulphuric acid, kerosene, lime, hydrochloric acid and other chemicals, a source added.

Recalling a recent case, an officer revealed that transporting the drug by soaking it in clothes is another trick used by the cartels.

When they reach their destination, the clothes are mixed with chemicals to get the cocaine. This method is used on a minor scale with mules and a major scale when clothes for retail stores are imported in containers. In both cases, after clothes are dry, they are sprayed with other chemicals to hide cocaine, the source added.

Officers say magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a technique involving spectroscopy, can trace liquid cocaine in bottles where 500 gram of the drug is dissolved in a litre of water.

Another method for smuggling is using cream cocaine which can be concealed in shampoos, hair conditioner as well as hand, body and face creams, an officer said.

Airport personnel said that with advancement of narco-terrorism, security agencies also need to get hi-tech scanners so they can detect the drug in liquid form.

In the face of inadequate technology to detect liquid cocaine, anti-drug agents have reportedly received training in identifying potential drug smugglers based on the appearance and behaviour of flight passengers, an officer said.