Lip Sing Battle: Sushant Singh Rajput duplicates Shah Rukh Khan and pays him the DREAMIEST tribute ever!

Pooja Nayak
When Sushant Singh Rajput lived his ultimate fanboy moment with Shah Rukh Khan on Farah Khan's Lip Sing Battle - check out our quick recap here!

How we wish tonight’s episode of Farah Khan’s Lip Sing Battle lasted longer than the usual one hour. I mean, no seriously! What fun we had watching Sushant Singh Rajput mimic Shah Rukh Khan and pay him the cutest tribute ever. While we knew for a fact Sushant is a self-proclaimed Shah Rukh Khan fan. Little did we expect he’ll take his admiration to such an extent that he would make it difficult for us to even spot any difference between him and Shah Rukh. Same pose, same style, same smile – oh what a performer! There was no way Sushant could have lost this Lip Sing Battle against Sania Mirza, who was competing against him tonight and there…there…he won the challenge with the highest cheers from the audience. Also read: Shah Rukh Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sania Mirza to come together for the Diwali episode of Farah Khan’s Lip Sing Battle

The highlight of the episode was however when Shah Rukh Khan made a surprise entry during Sushant’s cutesy performance on Ruk Jaa O Dil Deewane from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge. SRK not only matched steps with Sushant but also praised him for putting up a better version of him. The whole audience stood up in awe of SRK and Sushant’s fanboy moment with Shah Rukh eventually became a lifetime experience for everyone who witnessed it live.

With so much love pouring in for SRK, how could Sania lay back and not grab her share of love from the King Of Romance. The moment she asked Shah Rukh to perform with her, he went down on his knees and swept her off her feet on the tunes of Gerua from Dilwale. Oh, that moment was so dreamy that any fangirl of Shah Rukh would have gone green with envy.

But not until Bharti Singh, who debuted on the show tonight as Karara Khan, made Shah Rukh sleep and “relax” with her under the sheets, quite literally. Yes, I am not kidding! She pretended to get cosy with him and literally got a blanket to live her own romantic moment with SRK. While it was all in the jest of it. You should have seen Shah Rukh blushing despite being uncomfortable.

All in all, tonight’s episode of Lip Sing Battle was by far the best, all thanks to Shah Rukh and Sushant who made sure to pay the BEST. TRIBUTE. EVER!!