Lion chases tourists on safari inside Karnataka’s zoological park, video goes viral

After chasing the vehicle for quite sometime, the driver could leave the angry animal behind.

A fun safari trip for a group of tourists turned into a horrifying experience after an angry lion was spotted chasing their vehicle. The chase by the wild cat was caught on the camera by one of the passengers in the vehicle and now the scary footage is going viral. The incident happened in Karanataka's Atal Bihari Vajpayee Zoological Park recently, and the frightening clip is doing the rounds on social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

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The footage show, an adult male lion charging with full force at the tourist safari jeep and chasing the vehicle in close proximity for some time. The diver subsequently accelerated his vehicle, outpacing the wild animal. The tired animal then is seen at a distance and the passengers are heard laughing in relief. However, the reason for the lion's actions is not known.

Watch the video here:

The zoological park in the state's Bellary district is a popular tourist destination among nature lovers as it is best known for its tiger and lion safaris since it was inaugurated in 2017.