Lincoln Project nicknames Jared Kushner 'Secretary of Failure': 'This pampered princeling has never met a problem he couldn't f*** up'

Chris Riotta
·2-min read
Jared Kushner watches, masked, as Donald Trump delivers a speech: REUTERS
Jared Kushner watches, masked, as Donald Trump delivers a speech: REUTERS

Lincoln Project, the Republican group behind a series of viral videos attacking President Donald Trump and his allies, have released a scathing new advertisement awarding Jared Kushner with a nickname: “Secretary Failure."

The US political action committee, formed last year with the goal of removing Mr Trump and his administration from office, has largely focused on the president in the adverts unveiled throughout the 2020 campaign trail.

But the spotlight was put on his son-in-law in the latest clip, which condemns the White House senior adviser’s leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly 160,000 Americans and counting.

The advertisement, which runs just over one minute long, does not mince words. It begins by pointing out Mr Kushner’s involvement in the administration’s handling of the pandemic, stating: “President Trump gives lots of jobs to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Insiders whisper he may be even more powerful than Trump. But like his father-in-law, Jared’s not up to the task.”

“This pampered princeling has never met a problem he couldn’t f*** up,” the ad continues. “If you ever wondered if this president took Covid-19 seriously, look no further than who he put in charge of protecting America’s health: Jared Kushner, Trump’s Secretary fo Failure.”

Mr Kushner has served as a senior adviser to the president since the early days of his administration, and has remained a loyal member of the White House staff through multiple turbulent periods and an unprecedented rate of shake-ups under Mr Trump since he took office.

He has been tasked with a list of significant projects, from criminal justice reform to creating lasting peace in the Middle East, as well as serving at the top of a task force in the White House designed to create a systematic response to the pandemic.

Though Mr Kushner put together the task force in March and early April with the reported goal of creating a national plan, the White House has failed to deliver such a strategy in the nearly five months since most lockdown orders were put in effect across the country.

In a caption posted along with the advertisement to YouTube, Lincoln Project wrote: “Jared Kushner is just like his father-in-law: a failure.”

The Republican group was formed by prominent conservatives and several former members of the GOP, including Steve Schmidt and George Conway, a Washington attorney and husband to Kellyanne Conway, senior counsel to the president.