Lin-Manuel Miranda performs 'Hamilton' in 3 minutes on 'Ellen'

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The popular American playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped by Ellen Degeneres’s Show Me More Show to perform his smash musical in record time, with a little help from Ellen’s 7-year-old presidential expert, Macey Hensley.

Unfortunately, most Hamilton fans are unable to afford the high ticket prices, so thankfully Ellen treated them to an early holiday present in the form of Lin-Manuel talking them through the entire plot of Hamilton in less than three minutes.

Condensing an almost three-hour musical with so much historical information and so many characters sounds nearly impossible, but not for the whirling dervish that is Lin-Manuel.

Check out the full clip from Ellen’s Show Me More Show here:

Miranda, in such a short time, is able to touch on all the key points of his musical and Alexander Hamilton’s life. He opens with Hamilton’s bad childhood before moving on to his life as America’s first treasury secretary. He includes his romances, his role in the Revolutionary War, and finally his untimely death. As an award-winning storyteller, Miranda is able to touch on the other characters’ story arcs from the play, like George Washington’s and King George’s. All this while never forgetting to sing some of the show’s hit songs.

In addition to writing the book, music, and lyrics for the Tony-winning show, Miranda originated the title role in Hamilton‘s original off-Broadway and Broadway companies. He will return to the part for a special three-week engagement in Puerto Rico in January 2019.

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