“Lil Donny Playing With New Toys”: Twitter Has Lots to Say on MOAB

Media reports had claimed 13 ISIS fighters from India were killed when the US dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan.

The United States dropped a massive GBU-43 bomb, the largest non-nuclear bomb it has ever used in combat, in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday. But the arbitrariness of the bombing combined with Trump’s recent “chocolate cake” remark had Twitter in splits. Tweeple had a number of questions to ask the US President, including what was he eating while he decided to bomb Afghanistan.

Recently, in an interview to Fox News Business, Trump had said he told the Chinese President about his decision to bomb Syria while gorging on “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen”. Trump also mistakenly called Syria Iraq which led to several tongue-in-cheek remarks on social media mocking the POTUS.

On Thursday, when the news of the US bombing ISIS became public, Twitter had a lot to say to Mr President.

Have a look:

Who Authorised “Lil Donny’s” New Toys?

Was It to Leave a Hole for Foundation of Trump Hotel?

What Was He Eating This Time?

Some Serious Concerns Were Also Raised

Can We Leave Gender Out of This One?

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