Life sciences and biotech will be the focus of most of the world’s investments, says Lio Capital Group CEO Francesco Marini

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London, UK – The challenging year of 2020 may be over, but the Covid-19 crisis continues to affect nearly every country on the planet and its effects should still result in more changes to our way of life in 2021. Even as vaccination efforts have begun in several countries around the world, to varying degrees of success so far, it is clear that it will take quite some time until the world is able to confidently say the crisis has been overcome, especially as universal vaccine distribution remains a great challenge.

“There is one major lesson from 2020 and the Covid crisis: the importance of health. Everything works as long as we are healthy, so much so that even politicians, after years of indiscriminate cuts, have had to reconsider their approach,” argues Francesco Marini, founder & CEO of Lio Capital Group, an entrepreneur with years of investment experience in the Life Sciences and Biotech sectors.

In this scenario of renewed focus on health and overall quality of life, one major tendency for the post-Covid world already seems clear: the increased importance of the Life Sciences and Biotechnology industries to the future of a healthy global economy. According to Marini, the vaccine against Covid-19 has come as a decisive boost to the industry, and the truly revolutionary aspect has not just been the vaccine itself, but the speed with which it has arrived, further boosting the importance of these sectors.

“To be fair, this sector — the Life Sciences sector — was already that in which private equity platforms have made the biggest profits over the last 20 years. However, it is clear that the Covid crisis is pushing everything to the next level: in my opinion, Life Sciences and Biotechnology will be what financial technology (“fintech”) has been for the last decade, i.e., the sectors in which most of the world’s investments will be focused,” the Lio Capital CEO Group adds.

Due to the close relationship between health and quality of life, advancements in these sectors are certain to bring about great improvements in human society, equality, life expectancy and much more. With major growth in investments in the Life Sciences and Biotech industries, every other sector of the world’s economies is bound to make great advancements as well — after all, the healthier and happier the labor force, the higher human ingenuity and productivity may soar.

Thus, the role of the investors and entrepreneurs of the post-Covid world will be crucial in developing these industries that may lead to revolutionary changes in our lives, both in the short and long term. “If we look at what has happened in the last 20 years, I think it is clear that an entrepreneur today has to start from the needs that he understands, that he feels are his own. If he does, it is very likely that the investment will be successful. I believe in the future and in improving quality of life by integrating technology to achieve this goal,” concludes Francesco Marini.

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