'Life in Pieces' first look: It's Whatshername, from 'Big Brother'!

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

The host of Big Brother, co-host of The Talk, “Chenbot” — all are perfectly acceptable ways to address CBS star Julie Chen. But when she guest stars (not as herself!) on Thursday’s new episode of Life in Pieces, Jen and Greg have no idea what to call her.

After Jen (Zoe Lister-Jones) invites her boss (guest star Andy Buckley) and his wife (Chen) to her house for dinner, it soon becomes apparent that neither she nor hubs Greg (Colin Hanks) can remember the boss’s wife’s name. When repeated attempts to draw the moniker from her fail (think the Seinfeld “Mulva” incident), Jen and Greg begin to panic that that Mrs. Boss is going to hate them if she realizes they’ve spent an entire evening with her and still don’t know her name.

Elsewhere, with Tyler and Clementine deciding to end their teenage marriage, Tim encourages his son to jump back into the dating pool. But when pops finds out Tyler’s swimming with much older fellow divorcees, he may wish he hadn’t pushed Tyler so hard.

Life in Pieces airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS

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