Life Coach Imran Khan Nagori’s Priceless Advice on How to Utilize Time During the Lockdown

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The world has come to a standstill due to coronavirus, but the time is still running at its pace. Amidst this period of lockdown, many are learning new skills, and many are passing time by doing nothing. Focusing on the value of time, entrepreneur Imrankhan Nagori recently gave a hard-hitting speech at the Stay Positive India Campaign with the title of “Locked Down as Life Booster”. The motto of the campaign is that the world is one family (“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakum”) and every influential person from different walks of life share inspiring stories during the campaign. Imrankhan who is a life coach and a motivational speaker spoke his heart out on how lockdown can be a life booster if utilized the time in the right way.

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Just like demotivation comes in different phases of life, people need to boost themselves to face a difficult time. With context to the current situation of coronavirus, the motivational speaker in his video revealed that one common thing among everyone is the time. Every person has 24 hours and he laid emphasis on how efficiently people make use of time. The lockdown is nothing but a much-needed vacation every person needed. Imrankhan further said, “Boost yourself in this time by setting your goals, planning them and executing them. There’s a fine line between usual vacations and the lockdown holidays. People can do wonders by gaining the right knowledge about their field at this time.”

While many are busy playing games and surfing social media apps like Instagram and TikTok, Nagori explains that games won’t help in building a career. He stated that people can better themselves by working strategically towards their dreams and make it a habit for a lifetime. According to him, things which are not required should be minimized as every person’s goal is to remain happy. “When you stop doing things halfway, remember why you started it. Fixed routine won’t help you to succeed. If you expect a great output, you need to put in great input. Challenge yourself and compete with yourself. Write your goals on a paper and start working towards it in this leisure time.”, he added.

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Not only this, the life coach even had a pro tip to stay away from naysayers. He quoted, “Stay away from them who demotivates you and brings negativity in your life. You are the only one to motivate you so never get distracted from your goal and make the proper use of the time in boosting yourself.” Imrankhan Nagori apart from being a motivational speaker has multiple businesses. He is the Founder of MAKS Technologies Ltd, London, Founder & CEO of THS Mining Ltd, UK, Founder of Bitether – the first-ever CMC listed cryptocurrency in India. Moreover, he is the founder at MAK International, owner of Parshwa Greens Residency in Ahmedabad and merger appraiser and partner of TNC IT Group in Dubai and many more.
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