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Tuesday 25, February

The Sun and Mercury are joining up today, creating a powerful green light for revelatory conversations. If there are coworkers or people who have been helping you but not getting your point, this is the chance to get that clarity back. Speak your truth with compassion and all will be forgiven.

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Monday 24, February

Work gets dreamy and perhaps a bit messy today. You're not clear on boundaries, limits or expectations when it comes to your current projects. You might have to step back and just give yourself a breather until this dreamy, murky influences clears. Better to take a spa or wellness day.

Sunday 23, February

There's a New Moon in Pisces today and it's the key to unlocking the magic in your everyday life. Set intentions for your next six months of work projects, wellness, and daily activities. Note that Mercury is retrograde in this part of your horoscope at the moment, so focus on what you want to change, but take action after 9 March.

Saturday 22, February

The New Moon is near, but right now it's the Dark Moon - the days before the lunation is exact. This period is especially intense and magical as both the Moon and Mercury Retrograde are in Pisces. Your mind-body connection is active and your psyche is likely sending you some powerful messages.

Friday 21, February

With Uranus and Mars tag-teaming in the cosmos today, life is certainly full of surprises. It's an anything-goes kind of day, especially on the home front, because the planet of drive is currently in your domestic zone. Your sex life is also quite interesting this weekend, Libra.

Thursday 20, February

The planet of illusion is in a sweet sextile formation with Jupiter, the luck planet. This brings a soft and gentle vibe, alleviating any anxiety that Mercury Retrograde might be delivering your way. This is also great for working out any recent communication issues with close friends or family.

Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in Capricorn today, drawing your attention to home and family matters again. This can be grounding and helpful as you try to navigate your way through the early days of Mercury Retrograde. Stay rooted to what matters the most and you'll get through anything and everything, Libra.

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