LG G6 first day sales looking good: 20K units sold after 40,000+ registrations

Sami Khan
LG G6 first day sales looking good: 20K units sold after 40,000+ registrations

LG G6 became the star of the show at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, after Samsung decided to withdraw its flagship launch at the prolific event. This gave LG the much-needed advantage to steal the limelight and some good sales.

LG G6 went on sale for the first time in Korea before anywhere else on March 10, and the opening sales are looking good for the company. According to a Korean report, LG sold 20,000 units of G6 on its first day. This may not be great, but it's certainly better than G5's first day sales of around 15,000 units last year.

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Registrations for LG G6 started a week before the flagship went on sale, receiving more than 40,000 confirmations from interested buyers. An industry official told local paper News1 that with an average sale of 10,000 units a day, LG G6 will be a huge success. The rep noted that initial response is looking good.

LG G6 was available only in offline stores in Korea, but it will soon hit other markets including Israel on March 22 and Australia on March 28 up next. The international pricing for the G6 remains unknown, but it was sold for KRW 899,800 in its home country. In India, the handset is expected to cost close to Rs. 50,000 mark.

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International Business Times, India, had the chance to play around with the phone at the MWC 2017, giving a closer look at why this phone might be a game-changer for LG. Considering Samsung is more than a month late to bring its Galaxy S8 to the market, LG has the opportunity to make the best out of the early sales in different parts of the country.

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We particularly liked G6's camera and its design, which brings a fresh feeling to premium smartphones these days. It has a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, which is quite impressive and surprisingly comfortable to hold. The 13MP dual camera setup takes care of the optimum digital photography experience and the new UX 6.0 sums up the premium user experience that comes with the phone.

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