Lewis Hamilton keeps fans in China entertained after bad weather forces practice to be abandoned

Bryan Rodrigues
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The 2017 Chinese Grand Prix's practice session was stopped due to bad weather after the medical helicopter was unable to land at the designated hospital. Formula One safety guidelines state that the helicopter must be available to fly but the fact that it could not land meant that the Shanghai International Circuit was effectively open for just 20 minutes of business.

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The days 90-minute free practice session was initially delayed and then eventually cancelled before a single car had taken to the track. Three time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, wanted to keep the fans, who had gathered to watch them, entertained and decided to leave his garage.

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The Brit signed a number of caps before throwing them to his fans and one of the fans threw a United Kingdom flag at Hamilton which he took back to his garage. The abandonment of the practice session will also question whether the race will qualify and go through or not over the weekend.

Hamilton said in an interview after the practice session was stopped that the FIA and FOM need to work together to find a solution when such things happen. The Brit also said this is an opportunity for the new owners to be creative and proactive.

"It's not good for the fans watching on TV and even worse for all those people in the stands, who have paid money to come out here from the city or even from other countries. They've barely seen a car on track today, which must be tough for them," Mirror quoted Hamilton as saying.

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"We need to work together with the FIA and FOM to find a solution or an alternative plan of some kind when we have circumstances like this in the future. Seriously, though, this could actually be a blessing in disguise. A chance for new bosses to be proactive and creative."

Hamilton proposed that the practice session can take place on Saturday in Shanghai and switching qualifying to Sunday morning before the race in the afternoon.

The 2017 Australian Grand Prix winner, Sebastian Vettel said: "It was boring. It was a shame, especially for the people who came to watch. But what can we do?"

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