In Letter to Yogi Adityanath, Priyanka Gandhi Cites Bhilwara Model of Testing to Fight Coronavirus in UP

Lucknow: The All India Congress Committee general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has written a letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for increasing the coronavirus testing and treatment facilities in the state.

The Congress leader has also demanded action to stop rumours and misconceptions related to the coronavirus spread in the state. Also, she has demanded immediate distribution of masks and sanitizers in the state.

In her letter to UP CM, Priyanka Gandhi has written, “The corona virus is wreaking havoc in Uttar Pradesh along with the entire country. Today, the challenge in front of our health system is to identify and treat people infected with the virus and prevent further progression of infection.”

The AICC general secretary has further written, “Increasing the number of screenings and testing is a very effective way to prevent infection. South Korea, with a population of 60 million, tested about 6 people per 1,000 people and has succeeded in preventing the infection of the virus. In Bhilwara, Rajasthan, work was done on a war footing level and within 9 days, more than 24 lakh people were screened and maximum number of tests was done and the infected people were identified. The population of our Uttar Pradesh is around 23 crores while the number of samples taken for testing is only around 7,000, which is quite less. It is necessary to speed up the testing. For a state with a large population like Uttar Pradesh, increasing the number of tests can prove to be a panacea.”

The Congress leader has suggested that by examining as many people as possible, the treatment of mild to moderate high risk cases with war-readiness will lessen the burden of ICUs. She has also suggested improving the conditions of isolation ward and quarantining centers in the state. “There were reports of unacceptable conditions of the many quarantines centres in state with many of them failing to provide proper fooding facility and cleanliness. Kindly take cognizance of these issues and ensure food, ration and expenses to the families of those who are quarantined in these centres,” Priyanka has written.

The AICC general secretary has also expressed concern over reports of community transmission in several states. She further writes, “It is seen that the infection is spreading more in those urban clusters, which are densely populated. There are many reports that infected persons are also trying to hide their disease. Somehow this is happening due to the spread of social fears about Corona. Therefore, it is important that in these clusters, proper information should be given on the war footing and immediate spread of rumors and misconceptions should be stopped.”

“You (UP CM) have declared yourself mandatory to wear masks since yesterday. Please ensure distribution of war-level masks and sanitizers and people should be told clearly where and how they will get masks and sanitizers,” asked the Congress leader in her letter to UP CM on Friday.

Quoting Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen towards the end of the letter, the AICC general secretary has written that participative administration, maximum mass connect on the basis of correct information and participation by masses are the most important measures in the fight against an epidemic like coronavirus.

Priyanka Gandhi has also written that everyone stands together in this hour as the corona virus has no race and religion and its effect is the same on everyone. At the end of the letter to UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has written, “In this war, we need to take steps to create a fear-free environment that brings together the entire people, keeping our political thinking out. Every leader and every worker of the Congress Party is ready to support the public.”