Lessons From Women Who Overcame All Odds To Make an Impact Following Napoleon Hill Success Principles

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Female empowerment is influencing, shaping, and impacting every industry around the world right now, proving that the female entrepreneur is here to stay. As more women than ever before rise through the enterprising ranks, using social media to share their brands, stories, and solutions, a new, more inclusive business marketplace is being shaped, right before our very eyes.

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When we think of resilience and patience we often go to many figures in history who overcame insurmountable odds like Nelson Mandela but when you really think about it, the most important trait is to serve with perseverance so you can pioneer and break down barriers even if all odds are against you. Dr. Gladys McGarey is one such example where she laid the groundwork for the holistic medicine modality and reached the age of 100 years old whilst still practicing medicine and helping patients live a full life. She believes that your strength comes from within and when anchored to a cause greater than yourself, the courage to never give up automatically comes and without patience nothing can happen.

Another inspirational story who overcame all odds is Dr. Gladys coauthor and WSJ Best Selling Author And Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneur Aimee Tariq who was diagnosed at 17 with heart failure and dedicated many years of her life to figure out her health issues, not only to reverse it but to live life on her own terms where she now has become a globally renowned health optimization expert and she believes that the most important lesson in any endeavor is faith as with faith anything can be possible because as Napoleon Hill says faith is one of the 13 ingredients to success and Aimee has shown this on a consistent basis.

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With faith and persistence, there is another key trait that Napoleon Hill talks about very early on in the book and that is burning desire, without a strong desire and a why, when challenges are thrown at you, faith and persistence isn’t going to keep you going, so a great example is Lauren Tickner who is also a Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneur who seeks to make an impact so she can help people like her brother with Epilepsy have a more normal life. Her strong why has enabled her to push her limits and become a fitness icon and then a social media influencer who is helping hundreds of people quit their jobs to reach 6 figures and live life on their terms.

As we have spoken about desire, persistence and faith, the key to making anything happen on a global scale is needing a team because without teamwork nothing will happen as not only are you limited with time but the impact and second pair of eyes makes it easier to see things from a different perspective and Sabrina Stocker does this better than almost anyone where she ran a company of over 40+ employees at the young age of 23. To run a successful team you need to have culture and make everyone see the vision by leading by example. Your success is based on your ability to lead the team and this is by your own growth.

With a solid team in place, you need to be able to keep things moving in an orderly fashion and without this, all your systems will collapse meaning the momentum you want to build will come to a grinding halt, and there few who can rival Alex Fasulo who is a full time freelance writer, business owner and made her millions on Fiverr whilst having large social followings across multiple social media channels as well as running Freelance Fairytales Podcast. Alex believes in chunking things into time blocks as well as repurposing everything you can which can be a huge time saver.

With this, organization and teamwork, there is a principle that is vital to making this all work from our personal life as well. That is the principal of the mastermind and whilst we can do it via the same people regularly, award winning Tv Personality Marci Hopkins utilizes her platform which airs on CBS to spread hope and empowerment by having guests share stories and experiences through educational conversations. With this, people are going to learn from a variety of experts to mastermind with and become happier and better people.

As we utilizing and see how these incredible women are using principles to change the world, there another principle that is vital to success and that is the power of imagination and visualization. Celebrity Fitness Influencer and NASM-certifed personal Trainer Allegra Paris who is best known for tailoring her programs to be custom to them has used the power of teaching her clients to use imagination to visualize the results they want whilst taking massive action and committing to a decision which is another super critical principal in order to transform their health and bodies.

With all these principles, the principal of auto-suggestion really underlines the way we operate in our day to day lives is shown by a mother to three very young children who runs multiple six-figure businesses from right from her home. Maggie Berghoff is working as a functional medicine practitioner and she utilizes the belief daily that mothers can have it all, a business, being a mother, a wife and freedom.

Now the most underestimated and controversial principal is the sixth sense and the woman who is helping C-level executives tap into this superpower to become better leaders is none other than Julie Christopher Ceo of Biztuition and host of the The Mystical Entrepreneur’ podcast show with guests like Dave Asprey, Jeff Hoffman, Jeffrey Hayzlett etc. Julie believes that utilizing the power of your intuition aka sixth sense that we can truly make our companies scale faster with less work and has shown this with her impressive roster of clients.

One thing to note is that the principles of think and grow rich can be used by either gender, any age and regardless of marital status, location or anything and these incredible women are paving the future for other women to change the world.

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