Less Jargon, More Productivity- Canadian EdTech Focuses on Teachers

Team Latestly
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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered life as we know it. When talking about teaching we have seen teachers adapting to a host of new challenges. As the lockdown extended from weeks to months, remote learning brought new stressors for teachers. Used to working on their feet, educators got a crash course in working on a computer all day, and also struggled with setting up a schedule working from home, managing parent communications, framing and marking assignments etc.

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Krishna, Canadian based Indian entrepreneur developed a Web based app called the Live Learning App for teachers and other instructors to seamlessly stream their classes. This app comes at the right time and serves as a relief for the teaching community. It comes with its own set

of features and tools but can also be integrated with regular teaching apps like, Zoom, Spotify, Google Meet.

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Krishna, Founder and CEO of Live Learning, "I have been researching and putting together the concept of Live Learning since about six years but 2020 felt like the right time to bring it into action. The idea was always to provide a stress free collaborative hub for the teachers to make learning more efficient."

Live Learning was conceptualised and is based in Vancouver, Canada but is operational globally owing to its Web supported feature. Unlike other EdTech ventures, Live Learning focuses primarily on teachers of all kinds- educators, tuition teachers, coaching institutions, after- school program providers, yoga instructors. The aim of this app is to give a free flowing hand to teachers so that they may teach as per their convenience and choice of apps (by integration), come up with innovative ways to teach while avoiding the burnout that online teaching has been infamously known for. It eliminates the hustle of shifting through various apps while teaching and provides a single platform where learning can happen.

The app offers a host of features for free and at the same time allows teachers to charge for their live classes.

"Teaching in 2020 should not be such a stressful task because the gaps are not in teaching but in the methodology of doing so. It was very necessary to fix those gaps so that the teachers can do their job smoothly and simultaneously impact the learning of their students. It should be a hassle free process. We reached this conclusion after having engaging and thoughtful discussions with a lot of teachers", Krishna mentioned while explaining the concept of Live Learning.

Carefully built for educators, Live Learning provides the necessary tools such as data to understand and impact class performance. It is expected to roll out a couple of other features as well in the coming months.