Leopard Enters Secretariat Campus in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, Caught by Forest Officials; Watch Video

Team Latestly
A leopard was spotted entering inside the Secretariat premises in Gujarat's Gandhinagar on Monday morning.

Gandhinagar, November 5: A leopard was spotted entering the Secretariat premises in Gujarat's Gandhinagar on Monday morning. A CCTV footage which was shared by news agency ANI shows the feline entering into the campus by sliding through Gate Number 7. After the massive search operation, the leopard was caught by the forest department officials.

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Earlier, the campus had been shut down and no employees were allowed to enter the premises until the leopard is located and rescued. For catching feline cages and tranquillizers had been brought. The building where the incident had taken place is one of the main buildings of the Gujarat government. Man-eater Tigress Avni, Alleged For 14 Deaths, Killed In Maharashtra's Yavatmal.

Watch Video: 

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Earlier in a similar man-animal conflict, tigress Avni, which was reportedly behind the deaths of 13 people, was killed in Maharashtra's Yavatmal on November 3. The authorities had decided to hunt her because the region in which Avni inhabits had witnessed multiple cases of people being allegedly attacked by the man-eating tigress.

DNA evidence linked her to 5 of the 13 bodies found in the region. For hunting her, the forest department had brought 150 ground personnel, elephants and shooters. The wildlife authorities had hired professional hunter Shafar Ali Khan for that purpose.