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Tuesday 26, May

The Moon is soon to head into your own stars, Leo - can you feel the excitement building in the background? In the meantime there is a deeply introverted vibe in the air as you gather your resources and ready yourself to shine like the star you are. Beauty sleep is key.

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Monday 25, May

The Moon is hiding out in your dream zone today, which might make you feel like staying underground this Monday. Take advantage of the fact that weekdays have no meaning anymore, and indulge in this lazy, hazy, sleepy vibe without guilt. Your intuition is off the hook through tomorrow night.

Sunday 24, May

There is a powerful confluence between the Moon and Mercury joining up in your house of friendships and goals. You have a bazillion amazing ideas and people you could collaborate with. The only problem is being endlessly distracted with all of the potentials and possibilities. Choosing is extra hard now.

Saturday 23, May

There is a dreamy tension going on between the Moon and Neptune today. Tap into this for your creative advantage. The more you dance with the unknown and learn to turn your long-term goals into an act of play and pleasure, the more your life just flows so beautifully, Leo.

Friday 22, May

Today brings a New Moon in your house of friendships, dreams and wishes. No wonder you're feeling so much nostalgia for all of the friends you haven't been able to spend quality, in-person time with over the past few months. Use this lunation to set goals to remain in close contact with those you love -- even at a distance.

Thursday 21, May

The focus on career continues again today but with the added support of the powerhouse planet, Pluto. You can dream big and take that dream to the manifestation level in a major way. How do you own your personal power without feeling too inflated? You can be a big shot and stay grounded at the same time.

Wednesday 20, May

The focus is on your career zone now, Leo. Use this time to tap into your limitless creativity and self-expression. How do you want the world to see and celebrate you? Let this lovely and grounded Taurus Moon influence push you to new levels of gorgeousness in your professional demeanor.

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