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Tuesday 25, February

It's incredibly dreamy and slippery out there, Leo. What is it that your soul is longing for? If you're still feeling confused, use today's powerful Sun-Mercury confluence to get to the bottom of your truth and a conversation that needs to happen. You are finally getting the clarity that you've wanted for months.

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Monday 24, February

The Moon and Neptune are joining up to take you deep into your feelings. Your need for privacy is strong! Your soul is determined to take you away from worldly concerns and instead, get you to plumb your own secrets. Let go of the boring and the mundane for the next twenty-four hours, Leo.

Sunday 23, February

The New Moon in Pisces on tap for today is so magical it might not even feel real, Leo. Yet with Mercury Retrograde in your intimacy zone, where this lunation takes place, it might be slightly confusing. Set intentions for your sex life now, and the next six months will be super hot. It's all about honoring your true desires.

Saturday 22, February

The New Moon in Pisces arrives tomorrow night, but in the meantime, we're in a dark, mysterious phase that precedes the exact lunation. It's more evocative and deep for you because Mercury is currently retrograde - and your house of intimacy is where all the action is.

Friday 21, February

Uranus and Mars are egging each other on this morning, and it's bringing pure, practical inspiration to your career zone and your house of work. The creative flow is off the charts and it can come suddenly and without warning - be ready to capture those brilliant ideas before they disappear.

Thursday 20, February

The Moon shifts into your opposite sign this evening, igniting your low-energy phase for February. That's why it's ideal to get as much done as possible on the early end today. With Jupiter and Neptune aligned, creative projects are especially easy to dive into, so don't wait another second to shine.

Wednesday 19, February

With the Moon in Capricorn, you're ready to get back to business after a few rather chaotic days. The start to Mercury Retrograde has made everyone a bit out of it and your progress has likely suffered. Now there is potent, practical energy in your house of everyday activities. It's perfect for making a detailed list and knocking off your tasks, one by one.

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