Lenovo Z5 bezel-less flagship smartphone teased with 4 TB internal storage

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We have been hearing about the Lenovo Z5 through official teasers from the company for a few weeks now. After teasing a completely bezel-less design, the company's VP Chang Cheng has now teased another new feature expected to arrive on the smartphone, storage.

Lenovo Z5 sketch. Image: Weibo/ Chang Cheng

Lenovo Z5 sketch. Image: Weibo/ Chang Cheng

The VP according to his post on Weibo, claimed that the upcoming Lenovo Z5 will feature 4 TB of internal storage. It isn't clear from the translation whether he meant 4 TB of expandable storage (using SD cards) or built in storage. But the VP did give out a few numbers, which lead us to believe that he is indeed talking about internal storage.

In his post, Cheng broke down how much data a user can save on the upcoming Z5.

He mentioned that the storage would be enough to for 2,000 HD movies, 1,50,000 music files and a whopping 1 million photos.

Indeed, that does sound like a lot, overkill in fact, when you consider that most smartphones on sale today offer a maximum of 256 GB internal storage.

But with 4K recording gradually becoming a common feature among flagships, and 4K 60 fps video already being offered in some, nobody should be complaining about more space.

In a >previous teaser, Cheng revealed the top left side corner of the smartphone, which was then followed by another teaser of the bottom left side. In both images, the bezels were barely visible with the display running from edge to edge. What was more shocking was the lack of a display notch, which is a common work around by smartphone manufacturers in order to place the camera, receiver and sensors on the front face of the device.

It isn't clear whether Lenovo will take the Vivo route as was seen with the Apex concept smartphone. The Vivo Apex concept features a pop up camera at the top which would open only while clicking selfies, and would remain hidden behind the full screen display at other times.

The Lenovo Z5 is expected to be launched on 14 June. According to previous reports, the flagship from Lenovo will carry 18 patented technologies, which includes 4 "technological breakthroughs". In short, Lenovo will be bragging about plenty of "world's firsts" during the launch event.

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