Leicester City star promotes 'Captain Morgan' rum brand during Sevilla match

Sayantan Maitra
wes morgan, leicester


Leicester City skipper Wes Morgan may have landed himself in a soup for going overboard with his celebrations after scoring against Sevilla at the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday evening.

Morgan struck a pose as if he was watching something through a telescope; drawing similarities with the 'Captain Morgan' rum he endorses.

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While Morgan's goal celebration may have come as one of the most proud moments ever for the rum brand, the England-born Jamaican international could be in trouble. UEFA have quite strict sponsorsip regulations, which mention that the players taking part in the competitions absolutely cannot promote personal products.

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Former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner once got into trouble during the Euro 2002 for going overboard after scoring a goal and flashing his knickers, which was read as a promotion stunt for Irish bookmakers 'Paddy Power'. 

As a result, UEFA sanctioned him for flouting the advertising guidelines.

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