'Leh Can Wait': As Covid Puts Brakes on Bikers, YouTuber Jasminder Singh Embraces the New Normal

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With the onset of a new decade, new resolutions had been made, new plans were set in motion but clearly none of the plans made it past the COVID-19 that struck us out of nowhere.

Of course, the biking community isn’t alienated from the aftermath of how the whole pandemic and lockdown situation played out. But as we wake up to the new normal, we have slowly learnt to weave our dreams with whatever’s left of spirit and seeking of the hungry soul.

The biking community is slowly gaining its momentum as we, the nation, embrace Unlock 1.0 and further.

How are Riders Embracing The Normals of Post-COVID Era?

Prior to this whole pandemic situation, riding was all about exploring the unexplored with basic road safety and carefulness. But with the ever-increasing numbers of COVID cases, clearly, that is not going to be enough any time soon. Ideally, I’d recommend avoiding any 'Sunday Breakfast Rides' or even any riding event in groups. If you must, these are the times of solo rides to calm the adrenaline rush that got us started in the first place. As a family man, these minor safety precautions not only keep me safe but my family as well. Of course, road safety has to be maintained under all circumstances.


Speaking of which, two very important riding gears have been added to my kit in addition to the previous set. And I recommend that to every rider who’s back to roads. Apart from the regular essentials such as helmet, jacket, gloves, boots etc., don’t forget to add a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitiser on the go.

When you return, make sure you sanitise the entire riding kit separately and avoid letting it come in contact with anyone else. Under no circumstances do we encourage unnecessary rides. Crowded places are an absolute no and yes, do follow the rules and regulations stated by your state governments along with the prescribed time limits.

Under normal circumstances, this season used to be full of Leh-Ladakh trip enthusiasts. However, now that we are battling something that is above and beyond the control of mankind until the vaccine or treatment is found, I’d like to reiterate my request to all riders.


Leh can wait, life won’t. It’s absolutely necessary for us to stay at home as the authorities do the necessary. Let’s ride very, very responsibly - after all, bike riders as a community are known for their spirit of safety and adventure.

Has Unlock 1.0 Changed Anything About My Riding Experiences?

I have been trying to stay home as much as I can ever since this pandemic unfolded. However, shortly after the Unlock 1.0, I have taken rides for essential errands. And though the regular traffic seems less at play these days, what bothered me much more was how my mind and space was thoroughly occupied by the fear of this virus that we are all trying to break away from.

I could barely feel the thrill of rolling the throttle. What I cherished much more was the roar of my bike’s engine as I made it a point to finish the work and head straight to home whenever I had to step out, if at all.


I thoroughly understand the dilemma that we, riders, as a community are going through but as so many otherwise men have said before and I quote, "This too shall pass."