Legendary WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio wants to unmask himself!


Bengaluru, May 26: The wrestlers from the country of Mexico bring a different perspective to the pro-wrestling world. The genre of Lucha Libre Wrestling allows them to perform the most unique and unthinkable aerial moves. Some fans may argue about the roots of those innovations but there is no denying about who brought this culture to the industry.
And it was none other than the legendary Rey Mysterio who is the greatest Mexican export of all-time in the world of sports entertainment. He become a living myth among the pro-wrestlers that only a few like The Undertaker could have created. His mask is perhaps the most valid reason for his popularity which signifies his honor and integrity.
If the recent reports are true, then Rey Mysterio is willing to use this mask to continue his legacy even after hanging up the boots. This is also the very reason why he has recently brought his son Dominick back on WWE TV. This 22-year young kid would be the one to keep the Lucha Libre Wrestling culture alive in the bigger banner available.

Apparently, Rey Mysterio has requested for a match to the WWE officials where he will put his mask on the line. His son Dominick would be the specific opponent to whom he would eventually drop his pride. Thereafter, his own flesh and blood would don the iconic mask to carry on his father's legacy.
It was reported in Gorilla Position Podcast, that Dominick didn't return to WWE Raw for a sympathetic reason only as there seems to be a long-term plan for him where he ends up carrying the torch passed by his father. Here is more from the source,
"Apparently what Rey wants is to pass the mask on. And that's what he said to WWE that he wants eventually for Dominick to wear the mask. He wants a match with Dominick where he loses and he passes the mask on." (courtesy wrestletalk.com)
Rumors are already running rampant to suggest that WWE has signed Dominick. He always has held on to a dream to become a pro-wrestler by following the footsteps of his father, Rey Mysterio and also started training under veteran wrestler, Lance Storm. So it might just be a matter of time that he starts performing in the main roster.

It was back in 2005 when Dominick appeared for the first time on WWE TV to plant seeds for one of the greatest storylines of all time featuring Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. The feud culminated via the 'Battle for Custody of Dominick' ladder match at Summerslam of that year. Well, now it may be time for that small kid to move forward in his career trying to keep his father's legend alive in the WWE.

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