Legendary rock 'n' roll guitarist Chuck Berry passes away at 90 corruption

Rock 'n' roll guitarist Chuck Berry was found dead at a residence outside St. Louis today. The iconic guitarist was known for merging blues and swing into the phenomenon of early rock'n'roll. St Charles County police said in a post on Facebook they responded to a medical emergency at a home at approximately 12.40pm local time, reports the Guardian.The Police was quoted saying, "Inside the home, first responders observed an unresponsive man and immediately administered lifesaving techniques. Unfortunately, the 90 year old man could not be revived and was pronounced deceased at 1.26pm." As soon as the tragic development broke on the Internet, Twitter was flooded with musicians and fans, coming together to pay their tributes to the legend. "I am so sad to hear of Chuck Berry's passing. I want to thank him for all the inspirational music he gave to us," tweeted Mick Jagger. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton tweeted Chuck Berry's life was a treasure and a triumph, and he'll never be forgotten Born into a middle class African American family, Berry was among the first musicians to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on its opening in 1986.