Left bats for political campaign against privatisation of national assets

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New Delhi, Mar 18 (PTI) Accusing the government of selling off national assets, the CPI(M) said on Thursday that a political campaign should be launched to 'expose' the false nature of the Hindutva-nationalist rhetoric.

According to an editorial in the latest edition of the party mouthpiece People's Democracy, the Left party said that the selling off of the precious national assets and resources of the country will endanger national sovereignty, compromise the nation's independence and expose the people to more economic exploitation.

'There should be an effective political campaign launched to expose the false nature of the Hindutva-nationalist rhetoric. Here is a government which talks about Atmanirbhar Bharat while subordinating India to the whims of big corporates and their foreign finance collaborators,' it said.

The editorial further said that the banking and insurance unions have been waging a valiant struggle against disinvestment and privatisation in the past three decades and pointed out that it is this resistance which slowed down the pace of liberalisation.

'Now, they are faced with the biggest challenge when there is a government which has the political clout in Parliament to get these new measures through. It is, therefore, necessary that the fight being put up by the employees of the banking and insurance sectors is intensified and reinforced by linking it to the wider struggles against privatisation of the public sector in general.

'On March 15, at the call of the Central Trade Unions and the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, joint protests were held outside hundreds of railway stations against the privatisation drive and the farm laws,' it said.

It pointed out that the fight against privatisation must become a 'people's issue' and it must be taken up politically on the agenda of all secular and democratic opposition parties.

The lakhs of bank and insurance employees, while continuing the struggle, should also ensure that the BJP pays a political price for this betrayal.

'They and their families, quite a few of whom voted for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections taken in by Modi's nationalist jingoism, should mobilise others to come out and vote against the BJP in the state assembly elections to be held soon,' said the CPI(M) editorial. PTI ASG KJ