LEDGERS.Plus for Accountants Launched by IndiaFilings.com

CHENNAI, India, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- IndiaFilings.com - India's largest business services platform providing company incorporation, trademark filing, GST and income tax services has launched a software for Accountants. LEDGERS.Plus - a software for Accountants has various features to help Accountants efficiently manage their clients GST compliances at scale. With the launch of LEDGERS.Plus, the company aims to unveil additional software products in early next year that will help individuals better manage their tax compliance, savings and investments.

The launch of GST in India has completely transformed the country and unified the markets across India. With nearly 1.4 crore persons having GST registration in India, there is a tremendous demand for Accountants and Chartered Accountants across the country who are knowledgeable with GST registration and GST return filing procedure.

To meet this growing demand, Accountants must be better equipped to help their clients with bill, purchases and GST return filing. However, most existing tools and platforms do not provide a comprehensive solution that can be leveraged by Accountants to easily manage the above and many Accountants end up using the GST Portal.

LEDGERS for Accountants LEDGERS.Plus - the Accountant edition of LEDGERS is a software that helps Accountants manage their client's billing, purchases and GST compliance on the cloud. Using LEDGERS.Plus, Accountants will be able to seamlessly manage all aspects of their client's GST compliance from a single dashboard. The cloud-based LEDGERS platform is linked with the GST Network and eWay Bill portal through APIs. So, GST return filing and eWay Bill management in the government's portal can be done seamlessly directly from LEDGERS.

Features of LEDGERS.Plus include: Ability to easily manage multiple businesses or multiple-GSTINs Seamless GST invoice preparation Easily input and track all GST purchase Reconcile purchases against input tax credit in a single click Send reminder emails to vendors to input tax credit Auto-preparation and filing of GST returns Easy and integration eWay Bill suiteAt the launch event, Lionel Charles, CEO of IndiaFilings.com said, 'LEDGES.Plus will help Accountants seamlessly grow their accounting practice as most of the mundane tasks with respect to compliance would be taken care of by the platform. By saving the Accountants time from doing mundane tasks like data-entry or management, we hope they can spend more time with their clients and grow their business.'Prior to the launch of LEDGERS.Plus, the company had launched a platform called Nearest.Expert through which Professionals were connected with their clients. That platform now has Professionals across all cities and town in India and is widely used by users to find a Professional nearby.

LEDGERS GST Software LEDGERS.Plus is based on the LEDGERS GST Software that the company had unveiled last year to help businesses with their GST Compliance. LEDGERS is now used by tens of thousands of businesses across the country for their GST billing and GST compliance. Further, with inbuilt input tax credit reconciliation tools and eWay bill software, the software can be used by a person with limited knowledge to issue GST invoices easily, file GST returns, generate eWay bills and track input tax credit on all purchases.

About IndiaFilings Established in 2014 by Lionel Charles, IndiaFilings is India's largest online platform offering a range of services like income tax filing, GST return filing, GST registration, company registration and trademark & patent filing. With a team of over 500+ employees spread across 7 offices, IndiaFilings has served over a million small businesses.

The mission of the company is to help small businesses and individuals with compliance and investments. The company's recently launched income tax filing platform is growing at an exceptional rate and that the company will launch its investment platform in the first quarter of 2020.