LeBron James on playing the Warriors: 'It's almost like playing the Patriots'

LeBron James has become very familiar with the Golden State Warriors.

And even though his Finals win in 2016 may be the pinnacle of his career, he’s got to be frustrated with seeing this juggernaut standing in his path every time he finishes grinding through the Eastern Conference playoffs.

LeBron James on Warriors: Margin of error is very low

On the precipice of likely losing the NBA Finals to Golden State for the third time in four years after Wednesday’s home loss, James addressed just how difficult it is to play the Warriors.

“The margin of error is very low,” James said of playing Golden State. “It’s almost like playing the Patriots. You just can’t have mistakes. They’re not going to beat themselves.

“When you’re able to force a miscue, you have to be able to capitalize and then you have to be so in tune and razor sharp and focus every single possession. You can’t have miscommunication, you can’t have lulls, you can’t have my-faults or my-bads or things like that, cause they’re gonna make you pay.”

What he’s describing is the definition of a grind for a competitor. Winners develop and hone their crafts to the level that they can withstand the downswings and still put together consistent effort night in and night out.

As other-worldly talented as James his, he’s also a grinder, which his historic playoff run this season personifies. When you’re grinding and you’re winning it feels great. But when you grind and lose, like James has experienced more times than not against these Warriors, it can wear you down.

Especially when your teammates aren’t grinding as hard as you.

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LeBron James, standing on the precipice of a third NBA Finals loss in four years against the Warriors, compared playing them to facing the New England Patriots. (AP)