LeBron James brushes off health question, puts 'fatigue' talk on media after Game 5 loss: 'Nah, I'm fine'

LeBron James is not here for “fatigue” talk.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost a grind of a Game 5, 96-83 in Boston Wednesday and are now facing elimination in Friday’s Game 6.

James led the way for the Cavs with 26 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. But as Yahoo’s Dan Devine points out, he also committed six turnovers and looked flat-out exhausted at some points during the game.

After the game, a reporter asked James about how he felt, which he seemed happy to address.

“I had my moments,” James said. “I think everybody at this point is tired, worn down or whatever the case may be. … We had opportunities, but we didn’t make enough plays.”

When the topic was broached a second time, with a reporter asking if he was “under the weather,” James showed little interest in addressing the subject again.

“Nah,” he said. “Nah. I’m fine. And I didn’t mention the fatigue either. One of you guys did.”

Though a reporter asked how he felt, James did volunteer that he was tired. But that’s splitting hairs. James has done this a few times and has the media savvy to know not to provide a headline that could be construed as excuse-making.

Whether he actually has enough gas in the tank to lead the Cavs past Game 6 and beyond is yet to be seen.

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LeBron James knew better than to give the perception that he was making excuses when asked about his health after Wednesday’s Game 5 loss. (AP)