‘At Least No Eggs or Pies’: Omar Abdullah After Berkeley Heckling

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was on 19 April, Thursday, heckled by some protesters at the Berkeley University in US, where he was invited to deliver a lecture.

A video of the incident shows four hecklers stalling Abdullah with questions, to which he responds by saying that the protesters are not ‘Kashmiris’.

However, Abdullah took to Twitter to state that he had a ‘great session’ at the University, despite the heckling.

In the video, a woman protester is clearly heard calling Abdullah and his father ‘war criminals’, adding that she would take them to the International Court of Justice.

According to Outlook, a group of protesters from the University had signed a petition to prevent Abdullah from speaking at the event.

Titled ‘Stop Omar Abdullah from speaking at UC Berkeley’, the petition read:

"Mr Omar Abdullah, a dynastic politician (a term the Director of IIS would agree with), is one of the many client politicians that the Indian state has cultivated in Kashmir, who provide a civilian façade to what is for all intents and purposes a military occupation."

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