Lean Cuisine campaign is being dragged for its condescending message: 'This is not empowering'

Lean Cuisine launched a new campaign and an #ItAll social experiment. (Photo: Lean Cuisine)

Lean Cuisine launched a new campaign on Wednesday that focuses on women and the idea of “having it all.” With a modern-day spin, the brand attempted a social experiment to encourage women to redefine their own versions of what “it all” looks like. But instead of changing the conversation surrounding the standards that society places on women, the brand that specializes in creating low-fat and low-calorie meals instead perpetuated a sexist message and failed spectacularly.

The promotional video released with the campaign features a social psychologist who observes a number of women who are shopping in the ItAll store, choosing the things they want to incorporate into their lives, all while discussing the sacrifices they have to make to do so. Disappointingly, most attention is placed on women’s choices in the areas of children and relationships.

The first clip of the video shows a woman choosing how many kids she wants. (Photo: Lean Cuisine)
Another section of the store asks about ideal relationship status. (Photo: Lean Cuisine)

Lean Cuisine says that “helping women unlock the power of the female relationship” is one of the goals of the campaign as a whole. But by showcasing conversations among the women that have to do with the pressure they feel to take care of friends and family, and how they can help one another with raising their children, the brand seems to have missed the boat when it comes to accurately reflecting women’s relationships. Not to mention that the idea of women wanting or needing to “have it all” is nearly as outdated as the brand’s mission to provide people with frozen foods that will keep their figures svelte.

And on social media, where the campaign’s hashtag lives and is being promoted as a Twitter trend, people are expressing all of these opinions.

From its Twitter account, the brand has replied to a lot of the comments to explain their intentions with the campaign.

All in all, it’s become clear that women don’t want to be asked about having it all.

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