Leaked Moto E5 image leaves nothing to the imagination; reveals rear-facing fingerprint reader

tech2 News Staff
The leaked image of the Moto E5 appears to feature a display with rounded corners, which is something we have not seen before on a Motorola smartphone so far.

With the >Moto E4 launched in July last year, we are just five months away from the launch of the next E series smartphones from Motorola in year. With that, MySmartPrice seems to have got their hands on the >first image of the upcoming Moto E5, which if Motorola's product release cycles are on track, will be launched this July once again.

The image reveals a smartphone in a gold finish but its hard to conclude if this entry-level smartphone will be made of plastic or metal or a mix of both (metal body with plastic caps).

The front features a flat sheet of glass with plenty of bezel all around the display. At the moment, it's hard to tell whether the display is a 18:9 ration unit or a standard one, thanks to all those bezels. The display also appears to feature something unique with rounded corners, which is something we have not seen before on a Motorola smartphone.

The rear features a 3D-curved back, one that is very similar to that of the mid-range glass-laden >Moto X4. The camera setup sits in a raised circle top center (looks a lot like the X4) with the fingerprint reader now sitting right below it on the back. Indeed, this is the >biggest change apart from the revamped design.

As for the specifications, the source reveals that the new Moto E5 should feature a MediaTek chipset, dual SIM card slots with a single camera on the rear accompanied by an LED flash. Expect the usual connectivity options as well, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and of course the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Last year's Moto E4 was launched at Rs 8,999 with the E4 Plus model touching the budget segment at Rs 9,999. This year, both devices are expected to be priced competitively as they will compete again with the yet to be announced and much-awaited successor to the Note 4, by Xiaomi. View More