'Leaders should be elected for their work', says Sonu Sood | Frankly Speaking

On Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, Indian actor, producer, model and philanthropist Sonu Sood joins in an exclusive conversation regarding the ongoing COVID pandemic. Navika asks Sood about the politics that is happening in our country amid the crisis situation. As India experiences a terrible second wave of the COVID pandemic with lakhs of people losing their lives, Navika asks Sood if there will ever come a time when political leaders will admit their mistakes and actually agree to work on it. Sood also discusses the election rallies that are held in the country and the politics that is being played in the name of the virus, which is costing the general public. Are these the mistakes of the citizens? Have we voters let ourselves down by choosing the wrong leaders? Listen in to the full interview to know more! #FranklySpeakingWithSonuSood

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