What lead to the piling up of garbage in Delhi? | Times Now Explains

The political face between AAP and MCD turns ugly. The Delhi high court came down heavily on sanitation worker unions who were on a strike over nonpayment of salaries along with a list of other demands, which included the release of Pension and permanent posting for those who are working for 20 years.

The court observed that “Anarchy of obstructing the regular work of cleaning and dumping garbage on streets cannot be allowed to prevail in a civilised society".

A bench of justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli called the recent strike“being fuelled and driven by political consideration”, also adds that, “Political leaders do not understand that they should have a commonality in their thinking. That has been breached and we are not naming any one party'.

Watch the report to find out what lead to the piling up of Garbage in Delhi.