LDF victory also a warning against BJP's rule at the Centre:

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CPI(M) Thiruvananthapuram, May 4 (PTI): The CPI (M) in Kerala on Tuesday said the historic victory of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in the April 6 Assembly polls has a great significance at the national level and stressed the need for an 'alternative political stream' in the country to oppose the BJP.

The public acceptance of the Pinarayi Vijayan government's performance has now become clear through the poll victory, A Vijayaraghavan, the acting state secretary of the Left party, told reporters here.

Unleashing a scathing attack on the BJP-NDA government at the Centre, the Left leader alleged it had tried to destroy the state government misusing its investigating agencies and the opposition Congress in the state had supported the move.

'Yet, the people of the state have given the Left government an iconic victory.The Vijayan government had prepared a blueprint for the comprehensive development of the state and sought to implement it.The poll results show that people are convinced of that,' Vijayaraghavan said.

Stating that the poll victory has a great significance at the national level, the senior CPI(M) leader said it was also a 'warning' against the BJP's rule at the Centre.

He accused the saffron party of making every effort to undermine the democratic content.

'Struggles should be intensified against such policies and actions of the BJP.As such, a coalition of alternative political approaches and streams need to be formed at the national level.The Left victory in Kerala can give a start for that,' Vijayaraghavan said.

'The Congress fails to counter the BJP and the collapse of the grand-old party is accelerating now.. when the Congress is turning weak, the Left front is gaining strength,' he said.

The current situation was that the Congress leaders were also flocking to the Left front, he claimed.

On the swearing-in of the new government, the acting secretary said a meeting of the LDF would be convened on May 17 and the CPI(M) state committee and secretariat would meet the next day.

The details of the formation of the new government can be said only after that, the leader added.PTI LGKBN BALA LGKBN BALA