Lawyers' committee urges Delhi High Court to continue physical hearing in trial courts

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New Delhi, Apr 6 ( PTI) The co-ordination committee of all district court bar associations of Delhi urged the High Court here on Tuesday to continue with the physical hearing in the trial courts which was resumed on March 15.

The co-ordination committeee came out with the statement in this regard as the Delhi High Court recently called a meeting to discuss further course of action relating to physical hearing considering the rising number of coronavirus cases in the national capital.

The committee said that the lawyers as a community in Delhi, and more so at the district courts level, have gone through the toughest year of their lives. It claimed that several lawyers ended up committing suicide on account of various difficulties including financial difficulties suffered in the past year after the start of the lockdown with respect to the courts in Delhi. It said instead of stopping physical hearing some steps should be taken up to decongest the trial courts.

“In fact, we would like to highlight that it is only in past 15 days that three High Court lawyers have committed suicide. It is believed among the reasons leading to the unfortunate events were also immense financial difficulties.

'The lawyers have suffered immense financial losses in the past one year and are in no further situation to suffer more financial losses,” the committee said in a press release.

It said that instead of stopping physical working of the courts, the district courts can be decongested by taking up final hearing and evidence matters post lunch and all other matters pre-lunch. “Just by doing so, almost 40 per cent to 45 per cent of lawyers and litigants would not be present in the pre-lunch session, which itself lead to further decongestion of the court complexes. “This will also eliminate any fear of spread of corona virus on account of crowding. The litigants should only be allowed to enter the court premises in the post lunch session unless or until they are required to be physically present, pursuant to a court order,” it said. PTI UK RKS RKS