Lawyer who spearheaded Mumbai's largest voluntary beach clean-up says he "gives up"

Mumbai-based lawyer Afroz Shah has been consistently visiting the Versova beach in Mumbai every Saturday and Sunday for over 109 weeks, in order to clean the trash-ridden area. Today, he has been commended by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and awarded by the United Nations for his efforts to clean up more than 9 million tonnes of garbage, and make the beach beautiful again.

But all his efforts could go in vain, as the lawyer is facing bullying and threats by local goons. With the administration showing lethargy in looking into the problem, he says he has no other option but to "give up". However, several citizens and celebrities alike have come forward in support for his selfless act. The BMC will hold meetings with him to discuss the way forward. #DontgiveupAfroz