Lawsuit Filed Against Rakhi Sawant and Her Brother in Delhi for Fraud

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Bigg Boss 14 fame Rakhi Sawant continues to hit the headlines even after the popular reality show ended last month. The 42-year-old dancer opened up about many personal issues on the show. Now, the model and television talk show host has gotten herself entangled in a lawsuit.

According to a report in Navbharat Times, an FIR has been lodged against Rakhi and her brother Rakesh at Vikaspuri police station in Delhi. Apart from the siblings, Raj Khatri has been named in the FIR. The complaint has emerged from a 2017 case.

A retired bank employee by the name Shailesh Srivastava met Rakhi’s brother to start a business. Shailesh’s friend, Raj Khatri arranged the meeting. In the meeting, the two decided to produce a film together which was based on the story of Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Apart from making the film, Rakesh and Shailesh were also planning to open a dance institute in Vikaspuri, Delhi.

Rakesh promised Shailesh that he would ensure Rakhi goes to the institute. On the pretext of his sister being a part of the dance institute, Rakesh and Raj took Rs 6 lakh from the victim. It is also mentioned that the duo gave a PDC (post-dated check) to Shailesh worth Rs 7 lakh. However, on reaching the bank, Shailesh discovered that the check had the wrong signature. It is also alleged that Rakesh had asked Shailesh to produce another short film.

Since the signatures in the agreement between both the parties were wrong, the agreement has become invalid. Shailesh reportedly called Rakesh many times but, never received a response. He then decided to lodge an FIR with the police. Both, Rakhi or her brother have not reacted or given an official word on the matter.