'Laughter will come': Jennifer Garner sends love to a fan going through breakup

Washington D.C [USA], July 1 (ANI): American actor Garner recently proved that she's is there for her fans, as the actor sent love and offered some life advice to a fan going through a tough break-up.

According to Fox News, the 48-year-old actor on Monday, shared a handful of goofy photos on Instagram to show off some of the outfits she's donned since the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine.

Among the looks is Garner's costume for her part in the at-home Quibi recreation of 'The Princess Bride,' as well as colonial and 1980s-themed outfits.

She captioned the post, "Quarantine, but make it fashion #lockdownfierce #DMtobookyourColonialZoom."

In the comments, a follower opened up about her recent struggles and her admiration of Garner's "happiness."

As per Us Weekly, the Instagram user said, "I wish I had your happiness and feeling of security. And I don't say that resentfully because you present yourself as a good and kind person. Your actions show you to be good and kind. It's that I have finally gotten the courage to tell my husband to leave after years of emotional abuse and I feel like I will never find happiness or security."

"I find a sense of balm from seeing yours but it's also mixed with a winsome feeling because I don't think I'll ever be there. He is so vindictive and powerful and I have nothing and no one. Why am I saying this to a stranger? I really don't know," the fan admitted.

Despite the post having over 2,000 comments, Garner offered support to the fan.

The 'Pearl Harbor' star wrote, "Your heart sounds heavy, I am so sorry. Hopefully, you have powerful women in your corner, reminding you of your strength and your worth. Hopefully, you are able to calm your mind with prayer/meditation/ exercise/ art. Laughter will come and really -- it is worth fighting for."

Garner concluded by noting "Until then, all of my love."

Garner went through a public breakup of her own when she and ex-husband Ben Affleck called off their marriage in 2015. (ANI)