Latvian Woman Liga Skromane's Family Says She Was Murdered, Will Stay in Kerala to Find Truth

Police said the woman was raped when she went out to look for her husband at night and found him in an inebriated state. The two accused took advantage of the situation and sexually assaulted her.

Thiruvanathapuram: A highly decomposed body of a young woman was found near Kovalam on Friday which the police suspect to be that of Liga Skromane, a Latvian woman who has been missing since March 14 after she left in an auto from the Ayurveda centre where she was being treated for depression.

Liga's sister Ilze Skromane and Liga husband Andrew Jordan reached the spot on Saturday and identified the body.

The body was found hanging upside down in the bushes with a severed head lying nearby.

Ilze Skromane identified that the clothes were the same which Liga wore when she went missing except for a jacket which does not belong to her.

"I am sure she cannot go there by herself. She was wearing a jacket that does not belong to her. Even the way in which the body body was found it was not in a natural position," said Liga's sister.

Ilze believes it's a case of murder and that the police messed up the investigation. "We will not leave her predators. We will continue to stay in Kerala and monitor the investigation," she said.

Liga's live-in partner Andrew also echoed this opinion.

"I don't think she could have gone to this spot alone. Where did she get the jacket from? If she had walked there, why did she not have her shoes?" said Andrew.

The official confirmation will come only after DNA and post-mortem test results.

Andrew also appealed to the people of Kerala to come forward if they have any information about what happened.

The family complained that in the most crucial initial days, the police did not act swiftly.

"I kept telling the police that my sister is undergoing treatment for depression and that she is very vulnerable but they kept taking it lightly and said that she will return in 24 to 48 hours. The special investigation team was formed only on the 19th day," said Ilze.

The family said that they want justice for Liga and they want the truth to come out.

On two occasions earlier when she was home, Liga tried committing suicide, but but her family said that her treatment was seeing results.

"Her treatment was showing results. I could see that, the doctors could see that. She will not commit suicide," said Ilze.

Ilze also said that she has loved Kerala and this tragedy has not changed her feelings for the state.

She also said that they don't want to point fingers at anyone at this point and that this should not happen to anyone else.

The family tried meeting the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, but there has been no progress on that front so far.