Latest technological innovations by Japanese firms make life easier

In Japan, although washing machines with a drying function have become common, the number of users who set up a separate gas dryer has been increasing. The product is getting popular among the working couples. Compared to electronic machines, it only takes about one third of the time to dry and has become an indispensable product for families that need to shorten the time spent on housework. Now, Rinnai is the only household gas dryer manufacture in Japan and the factory is producing in full capacity. The washing machine is selling well in Korea, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Environmental concern has contributed to the sales. With Its 110th anniversary, Daihatsu is always demonstrating its strengths especially in the field of mini cars. COPEN, the sports car model in the mini car field is gaining popularity. COPEN is changing the relationship between the user and the automobile. At the popular tourist destination Kamakura, Local Base Kamakura has become a unique spot to share information on enjoying automobiles.The space has opened a cafe as a common area for people to meet casually. In order to enhance communication with users, regional events have been held. Providing unique and user-friendly automobiles, that's why a manufacture can continuously attract users.